Being Autistic means…

NT make up this world. They run the show. At some point down the road they decided that being born with a different brain chemistry wasn’t a gift that allowed you to be brilliant like Einstein or make others laugh like Robin Williams but in fact you are simply a burden. If your diagnosed asContinue reading “Being Autistic means…”

I rock the spectrum

Hey amazing people. I’m still recovering from my hand surgery. Stitches came out today and Tuesday I have the other hand but I had to share this amazing shirt my friend made me. I’ll get a link she said she will post it bc it’s so loved. Photo cred is my amazing child also autisticContinue reading “I rock the spectrum”

I believe

I have some struggles happening right now in my life and I sought guidance through a card reading. I asked about my cousin who is fighting a terminal disease. I asked about fate and time and love. Just what was to come of the relationship between us. We have been inseparable since birth. Just aContinue reading “I believe”

In words

In one of my Facebook groups today the question was asked to write in words what it feels like to live with your invisible illness. I wanted to share with you. For me mine is mental. I take that as a blessing and a curse. I am not in physically pain. I am able toContinue reading “In words”

More coming

Hey everyone. I have about 5 different posts in the works. I just haven’t been able to find any free time to finish them. It has been insane. I’m not complaining just letting you guys know why it’s radio silence. Hope you are able to stick around for what is coming next ❤️❤️❤️ thank youContinue reading “More coming”

I am alone

I recently got some news that has rocked my world. I’m finding it difficult to breath. There is just so much pressure on my chest. I’m not sleeping and when I do my dreams are plagued with terror. There is a tidal wave looming that can strike at any moment. Being autistic I have alwaysContinue reading “I am alone”


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